Code of conduct

Each individual masseuse is a person who enjoys their work and that they bring relaxation and happiness to their client. We lay here some of the codes of conduct that you should follow before and during the session.

First, it’s only fare to say: be a gentleman. Any woman loves that, and so do these masseuses. Treat them right and you’ll be treated better. If unsure or having questions please read the F.A.Q. page, or ask our lovely operator for any details. 

Be prepared, hygiene and attitude. You want to enjoy your time spent with your masseuse and she is there to enjoy and take care of your needs with the best knowledge in the field of sensual massage. 

If you are booking an Outcall massage service, please take the time to prepare a nice atmosphere in which you both will have a great time.

We emphasize that there are no extras beside the ones already listed on their pages. The payment of the service is done at the beginning of the session and it is asked to have the right amount on you when such.

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