Therapeutic massage

It’s warm, it’s arousing, it’s full of touching – It’s Body to Body Massage!

It is one of the oldest, most effective and natural forms of healing. Therapeutic, remedial and relaxation massage relaxes and calms the tense, anxious mind by slowing down the breathing from short, rapid breaths to more effective deep, slow breaths. This relieves mental, emotional and physical fatigue. 

It improves the circulation, enabling oxygen and nutrients to pass more freely through the body and speeds up lymphatic flow, allowing accumulated waste products - or toxins - to leave the body more quickly. It loosens and relaxes tight muscles by breaking down fibrous adhesions and helps to tone weak muscles. 

Each massage will leave you feeling calm, relaxed and revitalised.

Benefits of Therapeutic Massage

• Lowers blood pressure and improves the circulation
• Tones and stimulates the skin
• Relaxes and tones aching muscles
• Helps eliminate toxins
• Reduces stress and anxieties
• Helps relieve tension headaches

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