Tie and Tease

Scratching, pinching and tickling – Tie & Tease!

Dressed to impress, the masseuse deals an extremely tantalizing experience, which involves gentle teasing, and stimulation of your body using her hands, body or props. (prostate massagers, different scents, candle play, uniforms, lingerie, scarves, heels, whip, cuffs, toys, ice)

An important thing in Tie & Tease is the surprise. If you don't know where she is going to touch you and with what the anticipation really adds another dimension to your massage!

If you are in London call us 0777 3560144 and have fun!

Rates: 60 min 200£ | 90 min 300£ | 120 min 400£

Call 0777 3560144 for reservations